Easy Ways to Save on Your Wedding Budget

Celebrating that you and your partner have found each other is a beautiful thing. It can also be a costly experience to host. With so much love to celebrate, money shouldn’t be a limiting factor. With this in mind, below are some great tips for you to save on your weddings costs, from your dress to the flowers on the table.

Speaking of Flowers on the Table

One of the most expensive aspects of a large scale wedding is the florist’s bill. Not that the largest cost isn’t the flowers, themselves. But the bill that the florist gives you for the service. Head to your local flower market and make an order with the distributor directly. Will it mean a small drive out of town at a very early hour in the morning? Yes. Does it also mean that you will save a solid amount of money on your wedding budget? Absolutely!

Arrive in Style

Everybody knows that how you arrive at your wedding is important to the event. Most couples will hire a luxurious car along with a driver. While the car itself forms a large part of the bill, you also pay for the driver’s time, insurance, tax, etc. To save costs on your arrival, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Enterprise and hire a luxury car directly, and have a family member of friend drive it for you and simply return it on their way home from your wedding.

If your friend is feeling generous, consider keeping the car at the reception hall and having your friend drive you and your partner home after the big event!

Say Yes to a Used Dress

Every bride wants their own special dress designed specifically for them. However, the financial truth of the matter is that a dress budget can often limit options. Instead of heading to a designer store, first, search online and on local notice boards for brides who are selling their used wedding dress. Many of these dresses have only been worn for a number of hours and can be a great option to get you a designer dress, for less.

Save the (right) Date

Where you have your wedding is not only important to your theme and style, but also to the logistic of the wedding itself. How easy it is for yourself and guests to arrive, catering deliveries, etc. And it’s also no surprise that the best event spaces are the most expensive during the peak periods of the year. Likely to also be the times that you will want to host your wedding. The best way to save money and get the right venue is to be flexible with your date. Rest assured that you won’t need to have a wedding in the rain; it just means that the sun may not be shining as brightly or the weather may not be as ideal.

Just because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean that your wedding style needs to be limited. In addition to these great tips, take a look through your budget and plans and look for creative ways that you can cut costs without sacrificing too much style.

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