9 Tricks To Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

For most of us, spending thousands of dollars on our clothes will always be a pipe dream. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make our high-street items look like couture.

Believe it or not, there are tons of ways you can make your poly blend look more expensive, and it won’t cost you a fortune. Tricks as simple as swapping out the buttons on a garment can totally change its appearance, while ditching the belt that came with a cheap dress is almost always the right decision.

While it’s important to know which items to never skimp on, it’s equally crucial to know which pieces never require you to drop the big bucks (we’re looking at you $100 white T-shirts).

To help make your clothes look more expensive, we have nine pieces of advice that you should always keep in mind when you’re getting dressed:

1. Get your items tailored. A $10 H&M top can instantly appear pricier if it’s perfectly fitted to your body.

2. Throw on some cocktail jewelry. A statement ring, necklace or ear cuff can make any outfit stand out.

3. Keep your shoes in shape. It’s easy to let your footwear get scuffed up and worn out. Stop by the shoemaker and get him (or her) to replace the sole and shine ’em up.

4. Invest in a great coat. Your jacket is the first thing people see, so spend money on a nice one. It won’t matter what you’re wearing underneath.

5. Get your clothing dry-cleaned. Yes, it costs more money, but it will make your items last longer.

6. When it doubt, buy it in black. Darker colors tends to look more expensive as you can’t see imperfections as closely.

7. Go for va-va-voom hair. Blowouts make everything look fancier.

8. Purchase a steamer. Wrinkled satin never looks chic.

9. Store your pieces properly. Hanging loose knit sweaters on wire hangers can stretch them out. If you store your item the proper way, they will hang on your body the way they were meant to.

Breaking the Rules Raw Men’s Clothing in Fashion

Three designers of menswear translate creative man today in a different perspective. Ichwan Thoha bring flamboyant side, Ai Syarif berated the boundary rule, and Samuel Wattimena give new nuances in traditional materials.

All three demonstrate their design collections in the session “Men Fashion” in Kemang Fashion Week, which took place at Lippo Mall Kemang.
Senior designer Samuel Wattimena 15 carries clothing from the collection which he gave the theme of “Passion”. Moved his inspiration from everyday lifestyle today’s man.

If all this material is a tradition with modern fashion, then Samuel as if to refute that view. Hence later traditions such as batik material, striated, and endep bali though he became a fashionable T-shirt or shirt.

T-shirt or a piece of batik shirts that make them interesting variety. Mix and match colors or customized with long shorts. For second-line design ready for life’s Samuel tend to play in bright colors, such as red, orange, blue, yellow, and purple.

With the theme “Undoubtedly Flamboyan”, Ichwan Thoha as shouting that men can also look flamboyant without hesitation. This theme was taken Ichwan since moved from his childhood experiences which used to be called flamboyant. She admitted, she would rather buy clothes than toys.

It is also influenced by the sensational born 28 outfit. Ichwan flamboyant in perception among other accessories shirt with bow tie and bright colors. The draft was combined with the shorts above the knee are also brightly colored.

In the second part of the show, she models the collection Ichwan underwear, swimwear, and bicycle pants that accentuate the sexiness of men’s masculinity as well. Varian bright colors and motifs of lines or colors blend to give a warm impression.

Ai Syarif chose the theme “Individualism” to take him break through the mode which has been the standard grip unspoken but true. For example, a shirt or suit should be equivalent to cotton trousers and so on.

In a collection of 20 designs, Ai would like to say that the fashion rule does not apply. So he tried to hit the color or be matched tops and pants.

With bali woven material, presented a collection that combines floral motifs with boxes. Or shirt and jacket with knee-length shorts. To design a suit, there is detail in the chest that makes it no longer innocent. There are also designs that are combined with a denim jacket short.

The List of Must-Have Ladies Bags

Ladies and handbags are friends forever. Their friendship and love both is undefined and has got no boundaries. The fashioned bags have become a requirement for every little girl, teenager, college goers, professionals, housewives and every woman. Even our grandmas are fond of a nice clutch or fancy purse to keep her coins and notes. The bags have now become more of an addiction than a necessity. Most of us like to have a pool of styles; however others are happy with two or three styles. Handbags are designed in various looks, colors and sizes. They all have a different purpose to solve; some are meant for parties, a few for casual wear, and rest others have varied functions too.

Here’s a list of handbags that are required, and it would be good if you have it!

1. The Routine Bag- this is your all-time or catch- all bag. The bag you use daily to office, to lunch, to the street market, etc. This is the bag which has got several compartments, wherein you can store all your daily required stuff like keys, visiting cards, your almirah keys, sunglasses, your child’s favorite chocolate etc. This is your signature bag for a routine life. To buy a routine bag make sure you pick a neutral color like black, brown or blue as they will complement all your dresses. There a lot of bags for women, but make sure you buy something that has a good number of compartments and is made up of fine leather.

2. The Oversized Clutch- it’s chic! You don’t want to take the office look to the unexpected dinner planned by your friends. So keep a clutch in your daily bag, to transform your day look to night out appearance. Choose a chick color like pink, orange or something in black with golden embellishments. Confidently carry it with your dress and get in vogue. Since the oversized clutch is big but has relatively less space than the usual bag, therefore carry things that you would require and don’t over stuff it as it will lose its grace. Carry some cash, a lip-gloss, and compact powder for the touch up and of course your phone!

3. The small clutch- check out the handbags online and get hold of a small clutch. They are your party accessories. They are dressy and captivating. Small clutches add the much needed glamour to your personality in a party. If you don’t want to have a collection but just wish to buy one, then go for something which is sequenced or has metallic details.

4. The Holiday Bag- you wouldn’t like to carry your everyday bag to a weekend getaway. Also, because it might not be that big enough to carry your clothes and other things as well. So for the weekend bag, check out handbags online and order for yourself a big tote. It is stylish and spacious.

5. Digital Sleeves- they are a kind of laptop bags. They are small and compact. Also, they are stylish and chic. You can select any pattern or color that suits your mood for the season and enjoy getting noticed!

Besides being a fashion writer, Manav used to be a stylist with a fashion house. he has a competent knowledge about clutches and ladies bags and their use. He has a good experience in working with designers and has done a good number of successful fashion shows in promoting handbags.

Enjoying the Sun With Your Straw Beach Hat

Playing under the sun is real fun. A day in the beach is every beachgoer’s dream, and bringing along a sporty straw beach hat will shelter their heads from too much exposure from the sun that is certain to cause discomfort. These straw hats are everybody’s favorite as it is lightweight and stylish, cheap yet very durable, and it simply looks good on anyone.

These days, straw hats appear in different sizes and shapes. There’s a wide variety of straws out there that are very capable of blending even with the brightest of dyes that gives people a wide selection of colors. They are all woven from plant fiber and steam-softened. If you have a thing for anything organic, there are also straw hats that are naturally untreated and are put up for sale usually in its natural colors. The natural fragrance is always welcoming as it is not overwhelming to your senses; it’s more like smelling newly-ironed fabrics.

If you are craving for a straw hat, take time to familiarize the different types of straws used. The most resilient and inexpensive forms are the Raffia and Double Wheat types. These are the materials that made up the majority of beach hats along coastline states. Then there’s the famous Panama straw with its soft surface feature, where the composition of the materials used can initiate good airflow that gives comfort to the wearer. Most of the time having fun outdoors on a hot summer’s day will only get you a sweaty and scratchy head, and the Panama straw is just perfect in this situation.

Buying a straw hat is not as easy as it seems. You have to figure out first what you are looking for in a hat. If you want to wear one for shade on the beach, then you should go for the wide-brimmed hat. If you’re out to impress, then examining different styles and fashion would be the best for you. Check out your budget first so you can determine your range. These hats are very affordable, and depending on the style it can also be very expensive. Going for chin cords is brilliant. It’s very useful on windy days.

Taking care of your straw hat will go a long way as it easily falls prey to aging and discoloration. You can enjoy it for many summers by constant cleaning and careful storage. Use only soft brush to get rid of the dirt and debris on its surface. Dust and weather can ruin the hat. After brushing, clean your hat using a soft cloth dipped into warm water with a little detergent. With a circular motion, rub the grimes away; do this gently so that the integrity of the hat will be maintained. In nature, straw can be preserved by applying shellac gum resin coating with a brush. This is a good way to hide its age. During storage, you can prevent disfiguring your hat by stuffing tissue paper into it’s inside top and store it in a hat box in between uses.

Whether you’re enjoying the beach or taking walks under the scorching heat of the sun, always protect your head and body with the straw beach hat. It’s durable and at the same time fashionable. When properly cared for, it will work wonders for you.