Terrific Hats – A Must Have Hat for Every Traveller

Looking for a new hat for travelling – then look no further – a must is a leather hat from Barmah Hats direct from Australia – sometimes called The original Bush hats.

Wonderful Leather hats direct from Oz… These not only make a great gift but are terrific for anyone who likes the outdoors or travel. Designed for the harsh out back conditions found in Australia, Barmah hats are totally waterproof, and have UV protection of 50+ the wide brims can keep out the rain and protect from bright sunlight – perfect for travelling in all climates…!!

What I like is that they fold up to fit in the neat little bag that comes with the hat – so you can pack it in your luggage or backpack great way to travel light. They ‘pop’ back into shape as soon as you take them out. Barmah have patented the HAT-IN-THE-BAG concept.

The hat I have is the full grain leather hat is the Bronco its a rugged looking hat but very stylish – lovely distressed finish as if it was bought yesterday. The Bronco is a great hat – I have a couple of other brands but the Barmah has the best finish

Join the Hat Craze!

It is a long-standing New York Tradition to wear hats. The movie “New York Hat” brought this back to the public fashion trends and started a snowballing popularity of the New York hat that has spread across the entire country. While once only considered fashionable among the elite class, now everybody wants to wear the famous hat.

Many styles exist now in so many different colors it is staggering. Everybody wants their own special fit, a design unique to the individual. People across America are making fashion statements with New York hats.

These hats have a sensual attraction to them and are most definitely considered stylish in modern fashion. Sales have continued to increase as more people want them. Some time ago, hats were just worn by people who had to labor in the outdoor sun everyday because the hats would protect them from sunburn.

Men can wear these hats and so can women. It is an artful fashion for anyone. Men can use them to fashionably protect the tops of their heads in the sun. While that same sun shines on women, they can wear them and protect their soft features from sun damage.

Everybody has a different personal style. There is a

Daniel Mananta so iconic Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

The emcee Daniel Mananta elected Indonesian icon Fashion Week 2013, his achievements as a fashion entrepreneur with a brand Damn! I Love Indonesia is considered in accordance with the spirit of the annual fashion event.

“Iconic Fashion Week catwalk usually frequent, but I was selected because I was a fashion entrepreneur,” Daniel said when giving a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Daniel said he was happy to be involved in the Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 and helped carry the Indonesian culture to the world.

“This is a good mission to support entrepreneurs making fashion clothing line, let alone had the vision to make Indonesia the center of the fashion world in 2025,” added Daniel.

Christening Gowns: Infant Dresses Used in Baptism

Christening gowns are basically used in Christian community during baptism ceremony. This ritual is very predominant in Christian community which provides a sense of welcome dress and a new rigor and enthusiasm in the whole rituals. These gowns are a symbol of new predicaments which provide new and fresh vistas to the rigor and development of a classic ritual which provides a feeling of aura and uplifted spirits for the entire family to welcome newborn child. These heirloom gowns are worn by newly born baby girls at the church when family performs a welcome ceremony or a ritual which incorporates the spirit and trends of christening ritual.

The standard concept behind christening dresses is that mother and father get a chance to decorate their newly born or toddler when the child is new in the world with white frilled gowns or silk and satin dresses which embarks the spirit of a feminine vintage dress to adorn the spirits of baptism ceremony. In the eastern orthodox community, this garment is worn by a newly born child at least for eight days; this is a robe which is commonly used in Christian culture to accommodate the virtues of baptism culture which provide the

Make Your Prom and Homecoming the Night to Remember With the Perfect Dress

Homecoming and Promenade are two of the most unforgettable high school events in American history. Even our parents and grandparents have their own share of romantic and fun homecoming or prom story that they will forever treasure. High school is like a jar of gummy bears, it is always sweet and worth taking the memory lane no matter what. Not attending the homecoming or prom is like losing half of your youth. Yes, it is only for one night, but who could forget the careless spirits throwing all cautions to the air while simply being young, wild and free? Homecoming and prom… at one point or another, they were the best nights of your life.

While prom is the most awaited day in high school, the days before it can be very stressful: the search for the perfect prom dress. With your mom or a friend who is also looking for her own, you would scout the malls for the “IT” dress; that one dress where people will see you in a different light. While the fact that there are thousands of colors, designs, patterns and fabric to choose from for a prom dress wouldn’t help, one must remember that

Design Your Own Wedding Gown

Your wedding is your day to shine; and what better way to make it your own than to personalize it in every way possible? One of the best ways to do so is by designing your very own wedding dress. While other brides flock to those many wedding dress retailers who sell the same old readymade gowns; you could opt to make one yourself. What’s it’s easy to design your own wedding gown and is also a great way to stand out from the crowd. Here’s how you can do it.

There are certain things that you need to take into consideration if you wish to design your own wedding gown. One of the most important of these is the amount of time you can dedicate to this task. The design process can take up a significant amount of time; and so, it’ best to start as early as possible. Ideally, you should start looking at designs when you’re seeing someone special and know that the relationship will definitely culminate into something more special. It’s also the right time to learn about design basics.

Secondly, decide whether you will be able to handle all the details that are a part of wedding

White Suits for Your Wedding Plans

White as such is a spectacular color that certainly matches everyone irrespective of their skin complexion. It is often associated with the word serenity that brings out the best out of your personality and fashion sense by all means. And certainly, white suits are the best suits you could find for your wedding plans, irrespective of the fact whether you are the groom or one among the groomsmen. These suits are highly elegant, trendy, professional, classy and exquisite in terms of their designs, fabrics, cuts, artistic tailoring features, styles and many more. You don’t even have to think twice when it comes to opting for white suits for your wedding plans. They are the perfect wedding attire any groom or anyone associated in a wedding could ever find.

Fashion industry has certainly revolutionized our lives drastically. With the advent in its technologies for creations and manufacturing, the industry has come up with far more versatile and comprehensive creations, especially when it comes to men’s suits. Suits have always been the only attire for defining professionalism in the best possible manner. They have been around for centuries now and have undergone series of revolutionary changes in terms of styles, designs and

Italian Wedding Gowns

Every woman dreams of the perfect wedding gown for that special day. Not every vision is the same; it all depends on her tastes and background. Italian wedding gowns offer many styles to appeal to discriminating tastes.

Weddings are a big event in Italy. There is a lot of celebrating and traditionally the bride and groom traveled through the whole town. Because it is such a large part of their culture, Italian designers put a lot of thought and care into the wedding gowns they design.

Wedding Gown Styles

Wedding gowns are often made from different materials, such as taffeta, chiffon, silk and lace. Gowns designed in Italy can be created from one of these materials or a combination of several to create a stunning masterpiece.

Italian silk is one material that is often seen in wedding gowns. It is handmade and adaptable, suitable to any style wedding dress from the traditional to the haute couture. It is silky and luxuriant, yet resistant to creasing, a prime choice for a dress that will be worn all day.

Italy is dedicated to its traditions, including the colors for wedding dresses. White and ivory are the two colors traditionally seen for bridal gowns. Italian designers are also

2 Must-Have Designer Leather Jackets Not to Miss

Designer leather jackets have come a long way from their origins. Biker jackets used to be hard, functional, tough in all aspects and not always comfortable to wear, but now that the top leather designers have adopted them as their own, they have softened up delightfully, keeping that essential biker style but using the most irresistible, butter-soft leather that embraces the wearer like a second skin.

Power flower is the latest catch phrase to hit the fashion news. Combine the powerful energy of leather with soft and flowing florals to express your unique combination of strength and femininity.

With so many leather jackets to choose from the choice can be bewildering, but we’ve picked out two of the must-have labels that are wowing celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Muubaa use the most delectable of leathers to create a wide range of jackets. Their biker jackets are so much more than your average leather jacket, tailored to fit in sexy style, gorgeous finishes and of course that sensual softness that is their hallmark.

They also produce such a range of styles – who knew that a biker jacket could be so versatile, the Kendyll for laid back cool, the Cion for classic fitted cut

Fashion king, love and rivalry in the fashion world

Korean drama Fashion King tells the story of rivalry and romance of a young aspiring designer Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In). He was a poor man and start a fashion business as a trader in the Dongdaemun market.

Then he met Lee Ga Young (Shin Se Kyung), who have lost both parents in an accident at a young age. Ga Young grows into an intelligent young woman who has a natural talent for designing clothes. He used to work in a boutique then released and eventually got a job at Young Gul. Both dreamed of creating a huge buzz in the fashion industry on a world-class designers.

Meanwhile, Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Je Hoon) is the second generation heir of a large company which covers the construction, distribution, and fashion. Ex-girlfriend, Choi Anna (Kwon Yu Ri) who came to work under a top international designers.

Jung Jae Hyuk gradually began to love Ga-Young. Whereas Ga-Young put his heart on Young Gul. Secretly Young Gul also like Ga-Young.

Choosing The Perfect Leather Hat

So you fancy buying yourself a leather bush hat but don’t know which style or brand to go for. With such a wide range of styles and colours by e.g. Barmah, Wombat and Rogue that you are bound to find the right hat to fit your lifestyle and personality. BUT there are considerable differences in style, finish and origin. Let me talk you through the various options…

The Brand

Rogue hats are made in Africa and were originally designed in 1974 to be worn on Safari. They usually retail at around £40-£50. Barmah and Wombat, however, are the go-to brands for Australian Leather Bush hats. All styles by both brands are made from the finest quality Australian leather and can be folded up and stored in their accompanying canvas bag. The difference between Barmah and Wombat is the price; Barmah hats normally retail at around £45, whereas Wombat hats retail at £30-£35. It is worth bearing in mind that this difference in price is due to the relative prestige of the companies, rather than the quality of the leather or the workmanship. Barmah has a long-established reputation as the manufacturer of Australia’s original bush hats, whereas Wombat, the challenger-brand was only founded

When Did the Popularity of Fashion Leggings Begin?

Nearly all women in the 21st century will own some type or pair of fashion leggings as they are a big part of the fashion industry. We see them in shop windows and televisions but how have they come to what they are today.

Throughout the centuries leggings were used by men and woman for warmth and protection. You could get two garments which were separated and had one leg in each. Dancers wear them today still as it keeps ankles warm.

The leggings didn’t establish themselves as a top branded product until the early 1980s when they were used for aerobics and fitness. Everyone wanted a piece of the action when pop stars like Madonna started wearing sweatbands, body suits and leggings.

In shows and events they are paraded by many cat walk models. There is a great range of shapes and sizes that they come in. You are spoilt for choice with the vast amount of designs you can buy. Fashion leggings have been promoted by brands like Primark and New Look as so many women wear them. Famous people like Cheryl Cole have upturned the demand for fashion leggings as so many women purchase them.

As it’s an unusual piece

Store Your Expensive Jewels

Any person purchases the rare pearls, diamond jewels or any other expensive commodity, the first concern that comes to mind is where exactly to store the expensive possessions so that they would be completely safe and secure. Well, the protecting shell of your beautiful and most expensive jewels should not only be of great quality but they have to be as beautiful in appearance as the commodities that you intend to keep in them. There is a wide range of mesmerizing cufflink storage boxes and pouches available that have been designed exclusively for the same purpose. Thus, all the pretty ladies would now find the case of their choice meeting all their preferences easily through the World Wide Web Access as the company aims at creating the boxes that are made of quality material and have sophisticated look.

Moreover, the inside of the boxes is divided into various shells or departments of various sizes to ensure that all your ornaments could be conveniently stored at a single place. The cufflink storage cases are not only elegant to look but are quite spacious from their interior. They have been indeed designed keeping in mind your jewels might occupy so that it

What You Should Know About Cowboy Hat Styles

Cowboy hat styles come in different types of materials, brands and features. While there are many styles, a cowboy hat is one of the most recognizable types of hats. If you are purchasing for yourself or for someone else it’s a good idea to know which of the western hat styles are best suited for you or for the person you are giving the hat to. There are many types of colors, sizes and styles that you can select from.

This style of hat is perfect for outdoor use. If you spend an extended amount of time in the sun, the hat will provide shade for your face and decrease bright glares that will come from the sun. Also you can count on the hat to protect your head and scalp by keeping it cool, in addition preventing sunburns.

Before making a purchase, take a measurement of your head or the head of the person you’re buying the hat for. That way you will know what size hat you will need. Simply take a measuring tape and wrap it around the head. This will tell you the circumference.

When shopping for different hat styles, you will soon notice that they come in a

Give Your Used Graduation Caps and Gowns

Many high schools and colleges force their students to wear their graduation gowns in order to participate in their commencement exercises. Some schools oblige students to give some certain amount for their gowns. These circumstances can leave their families so many problems because of many expenses during graduation day.

Students who failed to get their own graduation gowns will not be permitted to join their graduation ceremony. You can contribute something to get rid of this sad condition of lots of students by donating your old gowns. You can give hope to so many students who don’t have graduation gowns for their ceremony through donation. There are lots of families today who are engaged in this type of situation. If you are interested to help those children to have their own gowns you can count on these help to be able to help you with your situation:

· Assess the condition of your gowns that you wish to donate. Do this before deciding to finally put it into donation. It is very essential that each item that you donate can still be used by the students. Ask yourself first if the item can still be use. You should also think about the

Care and Maintenance of Graduation Gowns

Keeping graduation gowns in pristine condition is important to be able to reuse them at a later date. Graduation regalia as a whole needs to be taken care of but we are focusing on graduation gowns in particular because these form the main part of the entire ensemble. What exactly do you gain by keeping your academic regalia in clean and good condition?

If you took out a rental with a store that hires out graduation gowns, then you will receive your full deposit back upon return of a properly taken care of gown.

If you use faculty regalia on a regular basis, perhaps as a professor, dean or even wear a choir gown as part of a performing group, then proper care and maintenance means the whole outfit lasts longer and serves you for a longer period. It also ensures you stay presentable and look dignified at all times.

For those who own a business or store which deals with selling or renting out all sorts of graduation gowns and other kind of official dress including choral robes, making sure all gowns are maintained is important to be able to attract and keep your customers coming back.

If you have a family, then

Do not Maximize Fashion Week Designers

EXISTENCE fashion week in Indonesia has now become its own phenomenon. Quite often, it seems to be a competition held by certain parties to lure visitors.

In fact, in a country that in fact already developed fashion industry, fashion week event is only held to show off the latest collection in every season. However, this is different to the one in Indonesia. Because, there is no definite rule how the event should be held. No doubt, if Indonesia also received the title as the country’s most widely held fashion week.

“I used to always say why not become one? Fashion week because they had a lot of egos. All pengin looking portfolio, “said Chairman Isa Sjamsidar Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (IPMI), while talking to Okezone exclusively in Energy Building, SCBD area, South Jakarta, recently.

Even so, the event may in fact also have a positive impact. According to the woman who is usually called Tjammy this, as the fashion week there can not maximize the work of the designers.

“Every fashion week, wants different collections. If it does not come, then the question arises, while in one year what events should we just follow it, “he complained.

This is different from what happened pastiya abroad.

How to Pick a Fashion Style for Older Women

Clothing styles have a vast assortment of fashion trends from which to choose. Older women can look sharp in clothing designed to complement their bodies and fit comfortably. Skintight sweaters and low-cut jeans are out. Stylish dresses, sassy slacks and flattering skirts are in.

1. Shop for tailored skirt lines with back and side slits to show off your legs. Hemlines that fall just below the knee are flattering when made with A-lined patterns and slightly relaxed waistlines.

2. Pair calf-length skirts with classic button-front blouses in comfortable no-press cotton blend fabrics for an easy care style that is ready to wear right from the dryer. Opt for relaxed cut blazers that offer older women more shoulder room for bending and twisting.

3. Find full-figured slacks with hidden expandable waistbands for comfort. Made with button-in pleats, expandable-waist pants offer style and versatility for the over-50 woman who demands more from her clothing.

4. Don hip-length baby-doll sweaters to flatter a wider waistline. Designed to flair slightly from the shoulders, these sweaters complement pants and skirts and offer stylish warmth for those winter months.

5. Find one-piece swimwear in various torso lengths with built-in tummy control panels and boy-cut legs for extra coverage. Slip on

Are the Graduation Caps and Gowns for High School Different From Those Worn in College?

In about anything, there is almost always a standard to be followed. This can come in the form of written laws, rules, and regulations or the unwritten mores and folkways. For the most part, this provides a sense of order in an otherwise chaotic situation. It also promotes unity in action and facilitates the decision-making process.

Even when it comes to the matter of graduation ensemble, a governing body in the person of the American Council on Education or ACE has been put in place to serve as a guide in matters concerning the holding of commencement exercises. Aside from the recommendations the council provides in terms of graduation caps, gowns, and hoods, ACE also has rules for the conduct of the academic ceremony.

However, it should be noted that because the history of the wearing of caps and gowns started first in universities, strict rules are in place only for graduates of the bachelor’s, masteral’s, and doctoral’s degree. For a high school graduation ensemble, the school has the jurisdiction to provide means for uniformity. Generally, high schools are more lenient and even have the cap and gown fashioned in the school color as opposed to the black of the college ensemble.